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Observatory for Human Machine Collaboration


The OHMC provides a collaborative space with equipment and facilities for both the private sector and academic researchers to explore robot and human interaction. The space provides users with a number of commercial/industrial environments to explore human and robot interactions. Two examples of environments are the robot kitchen and conveyor belt set-up.

Most robots within the coworking space are Universal Robots UR5 collaborative robots with CB2/CB3 controllers. However Universal Robots UR10, Baxter and ST Robotics Arms are also available. The space also allows for a variety of experiments to take place depending upon client requirements, facilities include provision of both single and three phase power supplies and water feed provision. Alterations to the lab space can potentially be made to accommodate various experiments.

Other equipment deployed in the space includes motion-capture cameras and various test instruments. These allow for data gathering and repeated observation of experiments, these instruments can be deployed in multiple configurations through the space.

The observatory is currently located in BSG-02 and BSG-03 within the baker building of the main engineering site. In due course the observatory will be redeployed to ING-14 in the Inglis building of the main side to provide greater experimental space.